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These are single phase, end suction monoblocs with portability. These are noiseless pumps and available in stainless steel. These pumps have delivery size 20 mm and 25 mm. These are used in apartments, villas, booster service, hospitals and hotels. This multi-purpose, durable pump is available in both 1 and 3 phase.


Uniquely designed pump with extra heavy duty construction for trouble free performance and durability.


One of the most popular pumps in the country, this lightweight pump is suitable for a variety of purposes


This highly efficient pump which is lightweight and easy to handle is also UPS compatible.


Lightweight, compact and energy efficient, this pump is also quite easy to install.


is multi-utility pump features a stainless steel motor body which is easily rewound.


‘KOSi’ pumps are designed to address specific needs of the Indian consumers. KOSi pumps boast of a lightweight and compact design, reduce energy consumption significantly and efficiently address electric overload issues caused due to fluctuating power supply. Additionally, customers can enjoy a better performance with KBL’s proven industry standard certification for enhanced reliability.


These pumps are designed for underwater applications so need of priming and foot valve. In addition to this, these pumps can withstand wide voltage fluctuations from 200-440 V. These submerged pumps are widely used in wells, sumps, water – tanks as well as Water for gardening, sprinklers and conventional irrigation


With a capacity of pumping up to 1200 litres per minute, Kirloskar KS6 submersible pumps suitable fulfill the need for high volumes of water in agricultural applications. The pumps combine the best in design and built so as to provide high operational efficiency, performance and durability.


These pumps have better life in acidic water. Better surface finish promises better efficiency and consistent performance. These pumps have better life in sandy water. These are widely used in fire fighting application, continuous water supply for farming, irrigation, water supply for industry and housing complex and so on.


These pumps are operating 180-240 voltage range - rated 220 volts, single phase supply. Widely used in water pressure boosting system, multi-jet shower panels, domestic utility water supply, vehicles normal washing, small fountains and kitchenware washing with water pressure.


These pumps are especially deigned for low voltage with 'B' class of insulation. These pumps are designed for air release during priming and can run with two phase supply. These pumps find wide application in gardening, farm irrigation, sprinkle and so on.